The Real Mission of the Adventure!

Adventures In Truth has made great strides in its mission work around the world and in the biblical land of Ethiopia.

After their first journey to Ethiopia many years ago; Jim and Sherri Rankin fell in love with the people of this African country. Since then their ministry has grown to reach tens of thousands of people and they have built an incredible team from all over the world who have that same vision of reaching the world for Christ.

SOLAR BIBLES: With nearly 70% of the people in Ethiopia unable to read, AIT's work with a unique Solar Bible has changed the ministry in many ways. These devices feature the entire Bible, the Scriptural Story of God and Jesus and many opportunities to receive Christ throughout, all read in the native tough of Amharic spoken in Ethiopia. Our vision is to leave 1 Bible per hut or household so everyone has the opportunity to hear the Gospel in their tongue. Thousands have come to know Christ in their lives through these devices.

JESUS FILM: AIT has partnered with The Jesus Film Project to enable them to share the Gospel in visionary form with the showing of the Jesus Film in the Amharic language and the results have been overwhelming.

LOST ETHIOPIAN JEWISH TRIBES: AIT has also made great in-roads with their work with the "lost" Jewish Tribes in Ethiopia. With work in both the tribe of Benjamin and the tribe of Dan; a great love has built with these wonderful but persecuted people.

TRAINING & EQUIPPING PASTORS: AIT's founder, Jim Rankin, began to reach out, train, equip, and encourage pastors and those feeling "the call" to serve in Ethiopia. This passion has seen hundreds in sessions with the hopes of reaching out to begin and equip over 700 churches in the years to come.

OUTREACH: AIT is also reaching out in many other ways in orphanages, a fistula hospital, medically, water purification projects and other character building work.

Your support can make an incredible impact on the lives of so many... leave your fingerprints on the world by partnering with Adventures In Truth today.