New and Exciting Teams Set-up For Ethiopia!
 As Adventures In Truth continues to build it's ministry teams, 2019 has brought more excitement than ever before in reaching-out to Ethiopia. This year has brought a growing team and one that now is continually working in three different areas. The Presentation Team spreads the word about our work and the open doors that God has provided in churches throughout the United States, bringing the Bible to life in amazing archeological discoveries. The Ministry Team is working in the U.S. and in Ethiopia during various times of the year finding, locating, witnessing, and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Ethiopia. And finally the Discipleship Team is now on the field continually in Ethiopia, furthering the process of AIT's work there on a daily basis, along with continuing the teaching of Jesus and providing assurance for the new found salvation. Consider becoming part of our the Lord work in miraculous ways in your life and the lives of those you encounter!
THE APOSTLE PROJECT:  All new book releases!
The Apostle Project, the latest book and discovery by Dr. Jim Rankin, shares the all new discovery of the location and all of the evidence of the village where the Apostle Matthew ministered for years, and was eventually martyred.  It also brings to light previous unknown secrets within Matthew's Gospel bringing him together with 4 other figures from the biblical Scriptures.  This book brings the Bible together is a way never seen's simply mind-blowing, and as one pastor said after seeing all of this come together, "I've never seen anything like this brings God's Word together more than ever and it's changed the way I look at the Scriptures!"  The Apostle Project: Discovery of Matthew and the Frankincense King will change the way you look at the Bible as well.  
Water Project Helps Ethiopians with Parasite Issues!
In 2019 the AIT team has been able to help Ethiopians far into the mountains to help them with the horrible stomach parasites from the infected water in the remote regions.   With gravity water systems, Adventures In Truth has been reaching great distances into the mountain regions with the pump systems which can cleam and purify hundreds of thousands of gallons of water, which can help the people with the parasite which are giving them so many stomach and immunity issues.   These amazing devises are being set-up by the team in variouos villages throughout Ethiopia in order to bring them cleaner water as the team ministers with the Living Waters of Jesus!
Reaching Out to the Dispersed Jewish People Far in the Mountains!
  The AIT Team again reaches well into the mountains in Ethiopia to reach-out to a very remote grouping of Jewish people, sharing and ministering to them physically and spiritually. In the photo above (left), Dr. Jim Rankin is seen, with the team, preaching the Word of God to them as over 500 had gathered up the mountainside. The team saw a unresponsive child suddenly become alert after prayer, a women unable to speak the name of Jesus - yell out His name after receiving Christ, and then an overflow of people with the desire to accept Jesus as their personal Savior. God is so amazing, and the AIT team saw Him at work in mighty ways! 

  Reaching Into the Eucalyptus Forest 

The new AIT Discipleship Team reached into the high mountain regions, farther than ever before, to locate a huge dwelling of people located in a high altitude eucalyptus forest in Ethiopia.  After a time of tense discussions, a peace broke out over the team and the village people, and a wonderful union of friendship was made.  The team will  continue to work with this group helping them to understand God in a fuller relationship and the saving gospel of Jesus.  So many doors  have opened in 2019, and God continues to reach so many in unbelievable locations.  God opens the takes the dedicated to go to the uttermost to walk through it!
Taking AIT to Millions of Viewers on TCT!
 Another incredible door opened to Adventures In Truth recently as Dr. Rankin made appearances on 2 of TCT's (Total Christian Television) most popular programs.  First, Jim appeared with Tom Nolan on TCT Today Show with a 15 minute segment sharing the importance of the Ark of the Covenant's Mercy Seat in the days to come, and the ministry of AIT reaching into Ethiopia.  Then Dr. Rankin stepped in front of the camera's again with host Judge Brown on the popular TCT Update Show for an hour-long segment.  These gave AIT incredible coverage around the globe in the work and the discoveries, bringing the Bible to life in more ways than ever before.  If you missed's a link to the TCT Update Show.

New Surprises Coming Soon!
With all that is happening with Adventures In Truth in Ethiopia and in the United States, there is always something new around the corner. With that said, there are many new exciting announcements still to come in 2019. More new amazing discoveries are being announced in Dr. Rankin's new book The Apostle Project being released in August, along with another new release coming very soon which will be incredible to the timing and the topic to a long-lost historical lie swept under the rug.  2019 has already seen the release of the new AIT Adventures comic book, but there are some other very big announcements coming soon as well.  Along with all of this, the happenings with the new ministry teams and the work in Ethiopia has grown by huge leaps in the last few months.  Along with this, AIT will be announcing a couple of new partnerships very soon that will add a great deal of excitement and anticipation to the ministry. We will be offering new opportunities to support the ministry and we will be giving glimpses into an all new historic series of documents and manuscripts just revealed. With God as the Guide...Adventures In Truth is where the Adventure begins!
New DVD Docu-Presentation Series Opens New Doors!             
For many years those attending the Adventures In Truth presentations in churches and organizations across the country have wanted more. Now that more has been given through a five-part series of docu-presentations featuring Expedition Ark of the Covenant, Jesus In Ethiopia, The True Garden of Eden, Discovery of Adam's Tomb, and Finding Noah. This series features a presentationn style studio produced documentary with photos, full on-location video, and much more to easily give a true glimpse into some of the most incredible biblical finds ever discovered. To order a set of these AIT exclusive series DVD's, go to our AIT Store page. 
Presentation of Archeology to Polk State College  
Taking the message to all the world...Dr. Jim Rankin was invited to give a presentation and seminar at Polk State College in Winter Haven - Lakeland, Florida recently to the Archeological Club.  The presentation received incredible response and the audience was full of great questions.  Jim has been asked to return in 2019 and we'll keep you posted on the date and time on our calendar page on this website. 
Animal Encounters?

Many ask us at Adventures In Truth, "Do you ever see any animals when you're ministering on your expeditions?" The answer is yes! Many different types of animals roam Ethiopia, but here's a few that we have encountered. Hippos are the fiercest because of their aggressive nature. More people are killed by hippo's in Africa than by any other animal. The largest crocodiles in the world are also located in Ethiopia. The Nile Crocodile can measure up 25 feet, and they can also be very aggressive. We see many baboons, monkeys of all sorts, leopards, antelope, ostriches, zebras, and some of the most beautiful birds in the world. Ethiopia is a hot spot for bird lovers where you'll find pelicans, parrots, horn-bills, cormorants, marabou storks, flamingos, herons, egrets, and some of the most beautiful eagles you will ever see. Plus, we see plenty of camels, lizards, oxen, donkeys, goats, sheep, and occasional horses. These are just a few of the many types of animals we encounter in the land of Ethiopia.


The Witness of the Word From Ancient Lands to New Ways 
There is no way to describe the look on someone's face the first time they hear the Word of God! With Adventures In Truth's partnership with Aurora Ministries, the AIT team is able to share the Word in ways that would have never been possible in the past. Our Solar Bible project has enabled us to share the entire Bible, along with a study at the touch of a button in their native tongue in better ways than ever before.
Each Solar Bible can reach up to 100 to 200 people gathering together to listen. And with a large number of people in remote regions unable to read, the Solar Bible with the Word of God spoken to them through these devices is the their only access to the true Scriptures. Then, for those who can read, we leave a supply of standard book form Bibles or John/Romans Scriptures with them.
Put your fingerprint on these wonderful people by donating to purchase these Bibles...To Donate go to the donations page on our website or please contact our office today!