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Adventures In Truth is like no other mission, expedition or adventure...that's why all whom have been a part of this unique ministry have viewed it as "life changing!"  It's a ministry and an adventure all wrapped up in unforgettable explorations, teachings, and research.  Experience the adventure with us!  Adventures in Truth and its founders, Dr. Jim & Sherri Rankin, have spent years of dedication preparing and studying the Bible as a guiding pathway to placing each piece in the puzzle and confirming the full picture of the truth... Read more             

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Jesus In Ethiopia: The Meeting Between The Father and the Son

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GUARDIANS OF THE SECRETS BOOK I:  Discovery of Adam and the Garden of Eden

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New biblical discoveries and location of "Lost" Jewish tribe bring excitement to AIT in 2017!

Adventures In Truth is overwhelmed with the new discoveries that God has led the team to locate, while the location of a remote "lost" Jewish tribe is found as they followed the trail of the biblical finds.  2017 promises to be a year of revelation...
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