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Adventures In Truth is like no other mission, expedition or adventure...that's why all whom have been a part of this unique ministry have viewed it as "life changing!"  It's a ministry and an adventure all wrapped up in unforgettable explorations, teachings, and research.  Experience the adventure with us!  Adventures in Truth and its founders, Jim & Sherri Rankin, have spent years of dedication preparing and studying the Bible as a guiding pathway to placing each piece in the puzzle and confirming the full picture of the truth... Read more             

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Jesus In Ethiopia: The Meeting Between The Father and the Son

$21 each!


GUARDIANS OF THE SECRETS BOOK I:  Discovery of Adam and the Garden of Eden

$21 each! 


 Witnessing The Word of God The Ancient Way with New Tech!

 Adventures In Truth moves into a new chapter of the ministry in 2017 with partnership with Aurora Ministries and our unique solar Bible project in Florida......
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