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Adventures In Truth...a biblical exploration team, mission, and adventure all wrapped up into one!  It's like no other mission or expedition team in the world.  A totally life-changing work with unforgettable explorations, teachings, and research.  Experience the adventure with us!  Adventures in Truth and its founders, Dr. Jim & Sherri Rankin, have spent years of dedication preparing and studying the Bible as a guiding pathway to placing each piece in the puzzle and confirming the full picture of the truth...               Read more             

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Expedition Ark of the Covenant:  The Young Messiah's Meeting at the Throne                                     

$21 each!


GUARDIAN of the SECRETS BOOK 1:  Discovery of Adam and the Garden of Eden

$21 each! 

5 Volume Docu-presentation DVD Series:  
This incredible 5 part DVD Docu-presentation series is an eye opening journey into amazing discoveries that have brought thousands closer to God and His Word than ever before. This studio docu-presentation features full graphics, and life-changing truth featuring Expedition Ark of the Covenant, Jesus in Ethiopia, The True Garden of Eden, Discovery of Adam's Tomb, and Finding Noah.
8 page comictized adventure!
$8 each!


New Discoveries, New Tribes, The Holy Spirit, Solar Bibles, and Unchartered Territories!  


Reaching into new territories has opened up new opportunities for the Adventures In Truth team in the latter parts of 2018.  This has allowed the team to share and open doors to reach...
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