The Apostle Project: Discovery of Matthew and the Frankincense King 

It’s a true-life expedition that will take you on an adventure full of twists and turns while exploring jungle treasuries, mountain hideaways, and once lost manuscripts. Along the way, you‘ll discover a long-lost Bible secret involving the Apostle Matthew and hidden clues within his Gospel. Travel on this incredible journey with Dr. Jim Rankin as he discovers the truth about the Apostle Matthew’s evangelistic ministry, which includes his encounters with a deacon, a high priest, a king and queen, evil sorcerers, and an angelic being. This discovery will journey to a secluded village in a desert oasis holding many secrets, and it will lead you along an unexpected path through ancient manuscripts and biblical truths. Experience for yourself a man bearing a gift for Jesus - along with the truth of the only written record of this event that takes place in Matthew’s Gospel.

You’ll travel the road to a heart-pounding revelation of biblical proportions that will lead to a life-changing discovery. This God-led adventure will bring you closer to the Bible as you witness the Old and New Testaments coming together, bringing to life the Scriptures in a way like you’ve never seen before!

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