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This life-changing experience will take you to Africa and to the biblical land of Ethiopia for one of the most incredible adventures you could ever imagine.  It's a Mission and an Adventure all wrapped up into one!

Join Dr. Jim & Sherri Rankin, and the AIT Team on this 10 Day Journey.  Here's an idea of some of the possible locations and work you will experience:

Axum, Ethiopia: The Place of the Ark of the Covenant...there you'll:
Venture to the mountains and villages to work with these beautiful people in need
    • Visit the towering obelisk, see Sheba's palace, the tomb of Bazen (One of the Bible's Magi), and visit the tombs of the kings.
    • Visit the compound of the church of the Ark of the Covenant & treasury
    • See the Guardian of the Ark
    • Visit an orphanage and make a difference to the people in the area
    • Plus see one of Dr. Rankin's newest discoveries and much more! 
    • Gondar & Lalibela, Ethiopia: 
  • Visit and work with a persecuted tribe of Jews possibly from the Tribes of Benjamin & Dan. 

  • See the Castles of King Fasilides and the Debra Selassie Church of the Bees

    • See the Rock Hewn Churches and learn their secret
    • Plus, Jim Rankin will share and show you the newest and most fascinating discoveries relating to the mysteries of the Bible that these areas hold.
  • Bahir Dar, Ethiopia: Where Jesus in Ethiopia all comes together...there you'll:
    • Visit the island of Tana Kirkos and visit the place where Jesus received the Isaiah 7 prophecy and where the Ark of the Covenant was held for hundreds of years. Plus see the actual footholds of the Ark and place of the Holy Meeting!
    • See Jim's digs with ancient bodies of priests still in place
    • Be baptized in the Blue Nile Falls (the beginning of the Nile River)
    • Witness the beauty of Lake Tana and see hippos
  • Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: Ethiopia's capital city and the site of many incredible works of AIT...there you'll:
    • Visit with a poor community near the dumps 
    • See the persecuted Messianic Jewish community
    • Shop in an outdoor market area
    • Also see the National Museum which houses some of the oldest humans remains ever discovered.

It's a life-changing experience.... so, let the adventures begin!

To be a part of the adventure or for more information,

please call: 865-365-9800 or Email:

(Locations are subject to change without notice)